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In Kerala there are more than 500 centers that deals with Ayurveda. It is bit difficult to find a best center for your need among these. AYD helps you to find out the authentic centers for your treatment .
Expert Doctors Panel Guiding You
The experienced and expert doctors panel behind AYD will do the first consultation with you and provide you the best centers which are having the most successful rate in treating such cases.
Exploring the unexplored
There are a lot of Ayurveda centers successfully dealing authentic Ayurveda . But unfortunately most of them are left unrecognized. The aim of AYD is to bring such centers to main stream.
To find such gems in Ayurveda is very difficult for the customers. Before we launched AYD, our doctor’s panel had done a thorough physical inspection in almost all the Ayurveda centers, Yoga retreats and resorts. We have categorized each and every center according to the facility, technical team, ambience, price etc.
AYD assure your treatment at the best Ayurveda center in Kerala.

How AYD works ?

Please submit our online consultation form . Our expert doctors panel will go through the case and will recommend the duration and benefits you can expect after the treatment . Then your case will be forwarded to the best Ayurveda centers having most success rate in such cases and the reply we will send to you too . Then we will provide you the categories of such center . You can select one depends of your budget.

Is there any fee I must pay to AYD rather than my treatment cost ?

NO. you need to pay only your treatment cost direct to the hospital or to AYD . AYD does not charge any kind of Fee from our customers .

What is the different between AYD and other travel agents ?

AYD is a group of Ayurveda doctors having experiences in dealing domestic and International customers . we know what will be the expectation of a customer when they decides to take an Ayurveda course of treatments . When other travel agents works only for commission , AYD guide you to the apt center . Our aim is to explore the unexplored centers for the well being of our customers. More than a travel agent , we have a group of experts Ayurveda doctors , they will tell you which will be the best place for your case after thorough investigations of your case history

How can I find the best center for my treatment?

AYD helps you to guide you the best Ayurveda center . Each and every hospital is specialized in some diseases. AYD finds the best center which is having a very good success rate by treating the case as similar of yours.

What will be the role of AYD after check in to hospital / Resort ?

The service of AYD does not stop even after your treatment. During your treatment, our doctors panel will be in touch with the doctors of the hospital every day. You can also send your suggestions and feed back during the treatment to us. After the treatment also we will assist you for any kind of health related issues such as sending your follow up medicines, helping you to have a healthy diet etc .

What is the difference between Ayurvedic resort and Ayurvedic Hospital ?

Ayurveda resort is giving more importance to luxury , where as Ayurveda hospital is giving more importance for the curative therapies .

Is there any government approved certifications for Ayurveda centers?

NABH, National accreditation board for hospitals and health care providers is considered as the best certification from government of India for health care providers, Only few Ayurveda hospitals in kerala awarded with it.
GREEN LEAF, Certification from government of Kerala for Ayurvedic centers.

What will be the minimum time duration of Ayurvedic treatments ?

Depends on your disease. Ayurveda believe all the human beings in this universe is unique. So even for similar disease for different people the treatment approach will be different . A minimum of 14 to 28 days are needed for doing proper panchakarma treatment .

What will be the minimum duration for Ayurvedic rejuvenation packages ?

AYD developed different packages for rejuvenation therapies such as 5 days , 7 days and 14 days in leading resorts in Kerala

Should complete bed rest required after panchakarma ?

Depends on your disease. Most of the case doesn’t need a complete bed rest. But in some advanced cases of IVDP, cervical spondylosis etc you may advised to take a rest of Minimum 7 days after the treatment .

What will be the cost for Ayurveda treatment's ?

The cost may vary depends on your case. A range of 2000 INR to 8000 INR per day may costs you in Ayurveda hospitals. In an resort for rejuvenation the rate may vary from 4000 INR to 17000 INR per day depends on the category of the resort. Special discount for AYD customers will be available in certain period.

Can I avail Ayurvedic treatments with a leisure trip?

Yes. AYD provides packages clubbing Ayurveda and leisure in that you can explore Kerala and experience Ayurveda.


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We are a team of Ayurvedic Doctors with sound experience in the field of Ayur/Yoga treatments.

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We are equipped with the services of an advisory board comprising of experts stretching across all specialized fields of wellness and health care. Along with Doctors of high caliber and experience, there are elder and traditional practitioners of Ayurveda in our expert panel.


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    Blooming Ayurvedic Medical Tourism in Kerala

    Kerala, God’s Own Country is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala has a unique place in tourism map for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Apart from this nature and culture, Kerala has a unique opportunity in the field of Ayurvedic medical tourism. It’s suggested that Ayurveda and West