“Yoga for rejuvenation of mind and spirits as well for maintaining health”

Yoga finds its origins in the Vedic period and was practiced basically for attaining spiritual realizations. Even though spiritual realizations require a transcendence from body consciousness a healthy body was considered as a necessary ingredient to attain realizations. Hence Yoga includes a series of exercises which are beneficial to our physical well-being, health for our internal organs and stability for mind and consciousness. Due to the presence of such health-related aspects, Yoga began to get utilized as a complementary function along with Ayurvedic treatments.
Yoga constitutes aspects such as seven Agnis (fire element), Prana (life-force), tejus (beauty), Ojas (health), nadis (pulse) and chakras (cyclics) and ways to activate these energy sources. The five Pranas are given major relevance in Yoga and this is its main relation with respect to Ayurveda.

Many studies consider Yoga as the best way to improve one’s muscle strength and flexibility. Yoga is also considered beneficial for stabilizing mind and consciousness. This aspect of Yoga help prevents heart diseases. Further Yoga gives particular stress on breathing. Many breathing techniques in Yoga are found to lessen difficulties of persons who suffer from breathing problems.

Yoga the word literally means” to unite”. In a spiritual way, it means to Unite with the Universal Self or God. But only a person who is in a state of unity with one’s own self can he be one with the Universal Self. Being in a state of unity with one’s own true self means being physically and mentally healthy. Yoga prescribes certain physical postures and meditation with various breathing techniques to achieve the Physical and mental health of a person. By the later years of the last century and during this century this aspect of Yoga began to get more reckoned as a health discipline. For rehabilitation and rejuvenation, Yoga began to get more utilized especially along with Ayurvedic treatments.


As Yoga gained popularity among world populace quite naturally it too began to get exploited by unauthentic practitioners and superficial facilities. It is a must that Yoga needs a good master or teacher in order to be utilized effectively. Moreover, since it is involved with various breathing techniques it is dangerous to practice Yoga under half-baked teachers. Further, there are various types of Yoga some of which are purely religious and spiritual which should not be employed along with a health gaining process. This is exactly where we Ayur Destination serves any aspiring seeker. Another important aspect regarding Yoga is that it gets a person related to nature and its greenery around. Yoga is best practiced in an environment of green nature and fresh air. Thus finding a destination which has a combination of great natural expanse and authentic teachers is absolutely necessary for a successful Yoga treatment schedule.

“Regain your charm and health and keep it for yourself through Yoga”

Since we are comprised of Doctors with proven experience and knowledge of Ayurveda and the Yoga techniques that can be employed along with, we can quite easily identify the authentic from the unauthentic. Our versatility regarding the discipline also helps us identify destinations with suitable natural surroundings for undergoing a fruitful Ayur/Yoga treatment.