“A Tourist merely spends his holidays,

while A Medical tourist saves his own life and happiness”

Medical tourism commonly is meant as people from one country visiting another for lesser expensive treatment than that is available in their country. But it also means people going to another country in search of alternative medical treatments. Ayurveda/Yoga is the most sought-after alternate medical system and India especially Kerala is the most sought-after destination. Hence promoting ways and means to make our medical tourism industry credible is of utmost importance. The fundamental necessity for that is the availability of expert and experienced persons in Industry as leads and guides for tourists to identify and reach appropriate destinations where Ayurveda/Yoga is practiced in its purest and traditional forms.

According to various studies related to medical tourism, it has been found that fake Ayurveda/Yoga practice in Kerala is on the upsurge. This is only natural considering the demand for Ayurveda/Yoga among world populace. If such practices need to be curbed expert and experienced people should be functioning as leads and guides to direct people to proper destinations where authentic and genuine Ayurveda/Yoga is being practiced. There is a considerable lack of such facilities and mostly tour operators and travel agents lead and guides tourists and they often end up with sub-standard or superficial treatment centers. Our effort is to prevent such a circumstance from developing into a major threat to Kerala Medical Tourism Industry which thrives on Ayurveda/Yoga cum leisure destinations.

Another aspect with respect to medical tourism is the neglect and ignore most medical practitioners provides towards tourism. It is found that the genuine and authentic centers often neglect the tourism and leisure aspects. There are others who provide more emphasis on tourism with the medical being largely unauthentic. To strike a balance regarding both the medical aspects and tourism aspects is an important factor that contributes to the improvement of the quality of medical tourism. Hence it is not just the guests who need guidance but the hosts also need proper leads and guides to improve their features for being a qualified destination for medical tourism.

Medical tourism operations if conducted properly can be the best natural way to control lifestyle diseases. Getting into a health check-up exclusively may not be appreciated by most people, but if it happens as part of a leisure trip most of us will appreciate it. Such periodic health care as part of leisure trip help in prevention, early diagnosis and complete cure from diseases. Hence medical tourism must be promoted and must be made credible with proper lead guide facilities, for unlike plain tourism destinations medical tourism destinations needs to be verified of its authenticity and genuineness and for that health expert, as well as health industry experts, need to be available exclusively as consultants.

“Medical Tourism is the need of the hour and ‘conducting responsibly’ is the watchword”

Medical tourism is not just about marketing and promoting. If it is done like that without any verification of the authenticity and genuineness of treatment provided by a particular host especially with respect to an alternate medical stream like Ayurveda/Yoga it can produce quite the opposite results from that to the results we perceive. We at Ayur destination is conscious of this fact in all its comprehensiveness and seriousness. Hence instead of just medical tourism responsible medical tourism promotion is our motto.