Stress Management

Trainer: Clinne John
Time: 7 - 7
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Stress is another health condition arises from our sedentary lifestyle, due to busy work schedules, family problems, work targets etc. According to Ayurveda, a person is healthy only when there is a harmony of mental,
physical and spiritual status. Stress is considered as one of the root cause for many health issues. There are many Ayurvedic procedures which help in this stress management.
The main head treatment done for the stress management are;-
1. Takradhara
Pouring of medicated buttermilk over the forehead in a continuous stream in a rhythmic manner.
2. Shirodhara/ tailadhara
Pouring of medicated oil over the forehead. The oil will be prescribed by the physician according to the dosha imbalance
3. Thalapothichil
Application of herbal paste on the head
4. Shiropichu
The procedure of retaining oil in the head using cotton dipped in oil
5. Shirothalam
A medicated paste is applied to the crown of the head.
6. Shirovasthi
Retention of medicated oil over the head using a leather cap.
• Helps in calming down the mind
• Increases the concentration
• Reduces insomnia
• Reduce fatigue and headache
• Increases memory power
Along with these, the body treatments like Abhyangam, Shashtika shaali pinda swedam, sarvanga dhara etc helps to give body relaxation, improves the blood circulation and rejuvenates the body. Yoga procedures like different types of pranayamas, sitting and standing procedures helps to give mental relaxation.

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