Slimming Program

Trainer: Clinne John
Time: 7 - 7
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Obesity is considered a lifestyle disorder by Ayurveda. The sedentary lifestyle increased consumption of junk foods, lack of exercises are considered as main causes of obesity. In Ayurveda, we try to reduce the medho dhathu and Kapha which is responsible for obesity. For better results along with panchakarma, we have to go for
kerala Ayurvedic treatments with duration of minimum 21 days.
1. Panchakarma/ Detoxification procedures
• Vamana ( medicated emesis )
• Virechana (purgation therapy )
• Vasti ( enema )
• Nasya ( nasal medication )
• Raktamokshana ( bloodletting therapy )
From these 5 procedures, the doctors will prescribe the treatment which is
needed for you according to your prakrithi and health status
2. Snehapanam & Swedanam
Prior to the panchakarma procedures, the patient’s body is prepared by giving
medicated ghee in the prescribed dosage. This will help to accumulate the toxins within the
Swedanam given after snehapanam helps to liquefy the accumulated toxins.
3. Udwarthanam/ Dry powder massage
Main treatment in slimming program. This helps to open up all minute pores of your
Burns the subcutaneous fat
Increases the blood circulation
4. Choorna pinda swedam/ Podikizhi
Its a type of potali massage helps to reduce the increased medhas and Kapha dosha
5. Dhanyamla Dhara
The lukewarm medicinal liquid is poured constantly in a rhythmic manner all over the body
This helps to remove the toxin in the body through sweat
It increases blood circulation and burns fat
Along with these, there will be internal herbal preparations, special Ayurvedic diet and
yoga session as prescribed by the physician.

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