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A major health issue that is commonly seen in our daily clinical practice is back and neck pain. Cause of this condition is mainly related to their job like sitting for a long time in front of computer, driving, carrying heavy weight etc.back and neck pain mainly due to spinal disorders leading to nerve compression. Along with the
pain there will be associated symptoms like radiating pain to the upper limbs or lower limbs, numbness, stiffness of muscles etc
According to Ayurveda, backa nad neck pain can be correlated as Kateegraham/ Gridrasi & Greevashoola / Avabahukam respectively. Mainly caused due to aggravated vata by Vata aggravating food and activities. Main aim of Ayurveda is to bring back the aggravated dosha to normalcy.
Ayurvedic treatments for back and neck pain are as follows:-

1. Panchakarma / Detoxification procedures
First, we have to go for snehapanam followed by swedanam for 3-7 days as preparatory procedures. Then we have to go for virechana helps to remove the toxins accumulated in the body. Vasti is considered as the best treatment for all vata disorders.

2. Different potali swedas like Patra potali swedam, Choorna pinda swedam helps in reducing pain and inflammation in the back and neck region. Reduces the stiffness in the back muscles.

3. Kateevasthi/ Greevavasthi
Retaining lukewarm medicated oil in lower back or neck region for certain period.

4. Kateepichu / Greeva pichu
Cotton dipped in lukewarm oil is kept for a certain period in lower back or neck

5. Lepam
Local application of medicated herbs

6. Bandages – bandages using different Ayurvedic formulations


• Helps to correct spinal disorders
• Regain muscle strength
• Reduce pain and inflammation
• Reduces nerve compression
• Reduces the associated symptoms
Along with these therapies, proper Ayurvedic medication, Yoga and mild exercises will give you better results.

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