3 Days Rejuvenation

Trainer: Jason Sharp
Time: 8 - 9
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Introduction To The Class:

The main aim of ayurveda is to maintain the health of a healthy person and cure the disease of the illhealthy. Rejuvenation therapy comes under the first category. It helps to improve the overall health status ie both physically and mentally.
The main Ayurvedic procedures which help in rejuvenation are:-

1. Udwarthanam / Powder massage –
Helps to open up the minute pores of the skin Improves the blood circulation
Helps in burning the subcutaneous fat
2. Abhyangam / Oil massage
Helps to improve the blood circulation
Improves the muscle tone
Removes toxins from the skin
3. Takradhara /Tailadhara
This head treatment helps to reduce the mental stress
Gives good sleep
Increases concentration and memory power
4. Shastika shaali panda swedam / Njavarakizhi
This is a nourishing type of treatment Improves muscle tone and strength Gives luster and glows to the skin
5. Mughabhyangam and Mukhalepam
This helps to remove the dead cells from the face, improves the circulation Add glow and luster to the face
Along with these, Ayurvedic diet and yoga according to the prakruthi of the person helps in
the better result
3-day package
• Abhyangam and swedanam – 3 days
• Takradhara / tailadhara – 3 days
• Mukhabhyangam & mukhalapam – 3 days