“Ayurveda helps you reign the kingdom of your own health”

Unlike other medical streams, Ayurveda is not just a method of treatment but a way of life. Thus Ayurveda offers a scope to be both for preventive care as well as for curative care. Undergoing an Ayurvedic treatment schedule help improve general health by cleaning the body of unwanted toxins thereby invigorating the immunity aspects of our body and internal organs. Further Ayurveda since it uses only herbal medicines provides a guarantee against any negative after effects post a treatment. These qualities of Ayurveda made it a highly sought after treatment method for all those who struggle to maintain their health in the present day world of junk food and environmental pollution.

Ayurveda the medical system largely existed through successors and descendants of early practitioners. It was only in the late twentieth century that Ayurveda colleges began to get established and it was only during the turn into this century that it became a much sought after academic stream.
Ayurveda constitutes a classification of Human aspects into doshas (negatives) and Gunas (positives) which are identified regarding a particular person and treatments are determined accordingly. Ayurveda uses elaborate ways of diagnosis which involves not just the investigation of usual elements such as urine, stool, and blood but also the detailed study of a person’s gait, his sensation of touch and his vision and speech.

Even though the curative quality of this alternate treatments are well vindicated and appreciated it is its preventive quality which gained more attraction amongst people both foreigners and natives alike. The fact that this discipline addresses the human existence in the most comprehensive manner and provides a healthy way of life that neatly arranges a person’s daily chores and functions helped it to be a much-favored health discipline among world populace.

The upsurge of Allopathy largely diminished and almost brought Ayurveda to the point of extinction. However in Kerala the presence of dedicated traditional families and the genuineness and authenticity of their treatment methods along with positive results maintained the reputation and existence of this medical system even though in a low profile. As allopathic treatments became more expensive and less effective especially with respect to prevention and rehabilitation health care aspects Ayurveda slowly and steadily began its way up into prominence. Even though people resorted to Allopathy for immediate relief and cure for continued treatment and health care they began to favor Ayurveda. As foreigners began to feel Ayurveda as the best preventive and rehabilitation medical system Ayurveda gained a lot of popularity among health care seekers.

“Reach the realms of health through Ayurveda to lead the life of your dreams”

Puravakarma and Panchakarma are the two basic stages of Ayurvedic treatment. Purvakarma treatments prepare a Person towards detoxification while the Panchakarma treatment that follows detoxifies the person. The Panchakarma treatment is identified regarding each person as according to his health constitution and parameters and is conducted accordingly.

Since Ayurvedic and Yoga treatment schedules are tedious and involve oily massages and dietary intakes one has to make sure the destination one opts for providing quality services in such regards along with excellent and cozy spaces for relaxation. Both the leisure amenities and authenticity and genuineness of Ayurveda/yoga treatments need to be made sure before selecting a destination. Other than with the help of guides and leads who are well versed in Ayurvedic treatment schedules and Health Industry nuances it won’t be really possible to locate a suitable destination and this is exactly the service we ensure to all Ayurveda and Yoga treatment seekers accompanied with quality leisure.