“Leads and Guides you to authentic heavens of Ayurveda, Yoga and Leisure”

What makes us different is the fact that we are comprised of a team of Doctors with relevant experience in the field of Ayurveda which helps us to identify for you authentic and traditional Ayurveda cum Yoga destinations accompanied with naturally refreshing spaces with clean environment and backwater or seaside surroundings. We strive to be the facility for tourists as the guide and lead to authentic and genuine Ayurveda/Yoga destinations as well as for the hosts to be a reckoned destination for medical tourism.

Searching for suitable Ayurvedic cum Yoga destinations has become a consistent practice among people now a day. This is basically because People have become more health conscious and want to make their leisure trips complimented with health rejuvenation. Hence they start looking for authentic Ayur/Yoga destinations which also provide good leisure and quality tourism. Our intention is to help them find destinations that suit them both economically and environmentally.

Since Ayurveda and Yoga have risen to a premier level alternate medical streams especially for rejuvenation and rehabilitation treatments it gets nicely accommodated with a leisure trip. Hence exploitation of the situation is natural and many Ayurveda Yoga destinations have cropped where the treatments provided are often ordinary and unauthentic. Due to the fact that a majority, especially foreigners, are without any basic erudition regarding Ayurveda and Yoga they can very easily be lured into such destinations. Moreover, the tour operators themselves may not be versatile enough regarding Ayurveda and Yoga. This lead to the development of the subject “Exploring Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga”.

Ayurveda texts are written in Sanskrit and for a student and practitioner of Ayurveda knowledge of Sanskrit is a must for both reference and learning. Further comes the aspect of traditional knowledge regarding its practice. By academic qualification alone traditional knowledge cannot be attained. This has to be acquired through continuous learning from those Ayurvedic spaces in Kerala who possess an exclusive tradition as Ayurvedic practitioners. Hence even after gaining academic qualification a person still has to explore from where he can attain traditional knowledge regarding the system to be a really authentic practitioner of the medical system.

Exploring authentic Ayurveda is not just the need of an aspiring Ayurvedic practitioner but also the need of treatment seekers and treatment providers. They need to come into contact with the traditional spaces, know about them and acquire a sense what is authentic and what is not regarding the medical system. Only then can a treatment provider can be assured of the genuineness and quality of the treatment provided and the treatment seeker can be clear of the authenticity of the treatment received. Since Ayurveda is an ancient medical system and recognised as an alternate medical system lots of myths and legends are attached to it some of which are just euphemistic and not genuine. Hence both for treatment seekers and treatment providers people with proven experience in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga need to be there as consultants, leads and guides for them to discern what is genuine and authentic and what is not.

“Discovers for you the true and traditional Ayurveda/Yoga dreamlands “

We at Ayur destination help you explore authentic Ayurveda by providing you with relevant data and information regarding Ayurveda, its traditional spaces, its tradition, effectiveness etc. A person seeking Ayurvedic treatment and a host providing Ayurvedic treatment both must be aware of its authenticity and hence must have a tendency to explore authentic Ayurveda. We will help you clear all your misconceptions, wrong notions regarding Ayurveda and develop a proper conviction regarding this Ancient Medical system. This helps treatment seekers find proper destinations for themselves and treatment providers establish a proper facility for Ayur/Yoga treatments.